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Care Instructions for

Faux Locs 

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It was a pleasure to amplify your confidence today! I hope that you enjoy  your new locs. Here are a few maintenance tips below to help keep your style flawless over the next  2-4 months. 

• At bedtime, protect your faux locs by gathering into a bun to protect the ends. 
• Also, preserve your locs with a satin bonnet at night 
• You can wash your hair, just be sure to focus on the roots when washing not the actual loc. Dry throughly with blow dryer on low.
• Apply hair mousse to faux locs curly ends every other day while gently detangling with fingers to keep ends in tact
• Be sure to book your retouch at 6-8  week mark. 
• Lastly, tag me in your bomb photos styled by @beautybytianak I love to see it ! 

Loc Removal: Check out our loc removal tutorial HERE.  I also provide a takedown service if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. Please contact via the client portal to schedule your TAKE DOWN.


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