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Care Instructions for

Braids, Twists,  & Crochet

Week 1-2 

How you care for your hair after getting braids will determine the longevity and health of your  protective style.  In the first week try not to style your hair in high buns or ponytails. Avoid pulling or tugging on your edges until your hair grows a little. The braids will eventually loosen and become more flexible and you will be able to notice the difference. 


Sleeping Habits

Wrapping up your hair nightly is key to long lasting styles. Satin bonnets work well for sleeping in all protectvie styles. For braids and twists, another option is to gather the hair into a high loose bun and wrap your edges with a satin or silk scarf.


You can wash your hair while in braids, twists, crotchet and locs.  The key is to focus the shampoo on your scalp. Massage it in gently then rinse with water. You can use a towel to lightly pat the hair dry. Try your best not to rub your hair with the towel as it will cause frizz.  A cotton t-shirt works well also but air drying is the best option. 

Week 4-6 

At this time if you do not want to get your entire head re-done, you can opt for the perimeter retouch service. Retouches include TAKE DOWN, DETANGLE and RE-INSTALL of perimeter braids. Loc retouches include retwist/wrap of all locs.   The service is  less costly and will give you an added 2-4 weeks of life to your style. 


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