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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do micro-braids?

No, micro-braids are not offered. The number one reason is because it not a safe option for protective styling. Heavy hair on small strands of your natural hair will lead to breakage and eventually hair loss. While they may look nice, it is highly recommened to opt out if you are on a healthy hair growth journey.

Whats the difference between kinky twists and senegalese twists?

Generally the two are the same, the difference is the type of hair used. Kinky twists are done with marely or kinky hair and provide a more natural, kinky, puffy, look. Senegalese twists are done using smoother hair resulting in a sleeker finish, and more flexiblity with styling.

What is the perimeter option for crochet?

This is when your perimeter hairline (edges)  are  done to look like individual braids or twists. The middle portion of your hair is braided down with the hair crocheted in. This option works well for those with long hair and don't want their natural hair to show or friz in the braids. 

Will I have a headache after my braids are done?

None of my  clients have ever complained of their braids being too tight or giving them headaches. This is because my braiding techinique is designed with the natural, safe hair growth in mind. It works to reduce stress on hair and in particular your hairline.  If you feel your braids are too tight or you are experiencing headaches, please call to come back in and have them loosened.  

How long will my braids/twists last?

Longevity depends on how well you take care of it. Braids and twists can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. It is strongly recommended not to go beyond 8 weeks because  healthy hair needs to breathe.   For instructions on how to care for your braids or twists CLICK HERE

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