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Our Leadership


Meet Vandy, the esteemed owner and visionary behind VLS Hair. With over 25 years of expertise in hair braiding and a certification from Texas, Vandy is a celebrated name in the world of hair design. Though she has recently retired from active styling, her passion for the craft remains undiminished. She now focuses on training dedicated new braiders and expanding the VLS Hair brand, with ambitious plans to open more locations across the United States.

Originally hailing from South Carolina, Vandy moved to Texas when her husband, a retired Army Veteran, was stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen. They have since settled into their first home in Austin, a city they have grown to love.

Vandy's journey into braiding began in high school and evolved into a side gig while she worked full-time as an accountant. Her natural talent and self-taught techniques quickly garnered attention, and what started as a hobby blossomed into a thriving business. The demand for her services soared, especially after she moved to Austin, where her reputation for exceptional braiding spread rapidly through word of mouth.

Her love for hair and its endless possibilities has been a lifelong passion. Going natural a decade ago, Vandy embraced protective styling methods like wigs, weaves, braids, and twists, leading to healthier hair with minimal shedding and maximized length retention.

In addition to her hairstyling career, Vandy boasts an impressive background in accounting, holding both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the field. Her nickname, "Mrs. Vandy," originated during her time as an Army spouse and has affectionately stayed with her since.

Now, Vandy dedicates her time to supporting the team at the shop and training the next generation of braiders. Her commitment to excellence and vision for the future of VLS Hair make her a true leader and mentor in the industry. She is excited to continue her journey by nurturing new talent and expanding her brand nationwide.



I would like to THANK all of my fabulous clients here in Austin! Without you I wouldn't have discovered my true passion and happiness in what I do! 

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