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About VandyV


Who am I?

My name is Vandy, owner, operator, and hair designer for VLS Hair. I have over 15 years experience in hair braiding/weaving and earned a hair braiding certification here in Texas. I am the mother of two awesome kids and have been married to my adoring husband for over 15 years.


*Although I went to school and got certified and licensed, as of June 8, 2015.,hair braiding in Texas no longer requires a license or certification to perform or teach. You can read more about the regulations here.


Where am I from?

I am originally from South Carolina. My husband, retired Army, got orders to Fort Hood in Killeen TX. We just bought our first home in Austin and love it here! 


What do I do?

For years I have been working as an Accountant by day and moonlighting as a hair stylist/makeup artist in my free time. I actually didn't start doing this as a real gig until I moved to Austin. People would stop me in grocery stores asking who did my hair or my daughter's hair. After I took that first client it was a snowball of good words getting out. (Shout out my Austin clients!)  I just can't believe how much the phone is ringing. All of my techniques are self-taught and it has taken me some time to perfect it. And still learning new things every day. The art of braiding takes not only time and patience, but lots of practice! 


How did you get into Braids?

I am seriously like a kid in the candy store whenever I visit the beauty supply. I have always been fascinated with hair, how it works, and the million things you can do with it. I view hair as an accessory so I tend to change my look more often than most. I decided to go natural 10  years ago because I was tired of relaxing and my hair was falling out a lot after the birth of my daughter. My hair is now healthy and I have minimal shedding thanks to wigs, weaves, braids, twists and other protective styling methods. 


Where am I located?

I work from home. I provide a safe clean environment for every client in my specially designed studio. 


Extra Facts...

  • I am an Accountant with over 14 years experience in all types of industries. I hold both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Accounting.

  • I got my nick name "Mrs. Vandy" from my time serving as an Army Spouse. My husband's co-workers called him Vandy to shorten the name and every time they would see me I was always called Mrs. Vandy. The name just stuck. 

  • I also do MAKEUP! Click HERE for more info.



I would like to THANK all of my fabulous clients here in Austin! Without you I wouldn't have discovered my true passion and happiness in what I do! 

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